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Family tree generator
Jun 30 2017

Why you should make a family tree

Since the time ancient genealogy has been recorded and passed down throughout history, it seems that it may have been passed down by word of mouth from one generation to another or included in storytelling. Once paper and pen became available, the family lineage was written down for safekeeping. Sense then various cultures traces their origins in different ways based on their characteristics and traditions.

For instance, the Native Americans trace their origins much differently than do the ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks believed they were descendants of the Gods. Family lineage became increasingly important during the medieval times, since the inheritance of title and land was very significant.

There are different forms and formats of family trees. You should use the best family linage format for you and your purposes. For instance, many individuals can easily follow a descendents chart, which names the patriarch and matriarch at the top and then will branch downward showing the family descendents. An ancestry chart starts at the bottom and then branches upwards and outwards including more ancestors. However, family charts may also branch from the left side and branch out to the right.

Themed family trees are fun to make. You can include the descendents of a single person in such a tree. You can also include the ancestors of just one person. You can also trace your family history through a surname. There are also royal linage family trees that help place historical events correctly. Such cases may be that of a member of one royal family marrying someone from another royal family in order to expand their empires.

The family linage of Jesus Christ is one of the oldest and traces back to his ancestor Jesse. The Genealogy of the Gods of the Gentiles, or Genealogia deorum gentilium, done by Boccaccio and dating back to 1360. The largest known family tree is that of Confucius, who lived from 551 to 479 B.C. This family history includes 2 million members within 80 generations.

There is no need to become overwhelmed while looking at large, complex family history trees. You can begin making your family tree by gathering all the information of names and dates. This can be done in various ways. For instance, write out the information on paper and then cut out those pieces, and then arrange them on another larger paper or even poster board. You can construct your family history easier if you are good at drawing or drafting. Many online sites may provide examples or templates of family trees that you can use to include your information. You can even generate your family linage online.

Professional family tree makers can customize your family history tree for a fee with any names, date and photographs you may have to include. You may even want to have all the fun and do it yourself. Family bonds are strengthened while doing genealogical research. You might want to create your family linage by hand or by using a computer. You can then have your family history tree framed for display if you like.

You can find helpful websites online by typing Make your own family tree in the search engines and find numerous online sites. Some of them may be especially for children. Researching your family tree is fun and enlightening. Many people post their own genealogy research online, which is helpful for others doing their own family tree research.

The best way to create a family tree is the way that best suits you. You want to choose the method that is most sensible and meaningful to you. Then you can share your research findings online and help someone else find his or her own ancestors as well.

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