How To Make A Family Tree with FREE Family Tree Generator
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How to make a family tree
Jul 23 2017

How To Make A Family Tree

Family Tree Generator is best free family tree and in this blog post I’ll show you how to make a family tree using Family Tree Generator that you can show to your family and even get a poster of your family tree. Follow steps 1-3.

How To Make A Family Tree

  1. Create a free family tree account by going here (
  2. After you have registered, go to your email that you used to create the account. There, you’ll have an email from Family Tree Generator. Click the link in the email to authenticate your Family Tree Generator account, which will give you access If you don’t see the email, it can take up to a couple minutes for it to appear. Be sure to check your Spam folder as well.


  3. Click on Dashboard to go to your Dashboard where you can create your family trees.
  4. In the Name field, give your family tree a name. This can be your family’s Last name or whatever you wish. The Type field is where you can choose to create a Family Tree, the other option is to create a Social Network of friends, colleagues, etc. The GEDCOM is where you can upload a GEDCOM file that has your family history stored. Family Tree Generator also has the ability to save your family tree as a GEDCOM which gives you easy access to your family tree forever in a file format. The Description is where you can write short information. The Managers field is where you can add friends and family and let them help you with the family tree.


  5. You’ll begin adding family members to your family tree, beginning with you.
  6. Click ‘Edit’ button on the top right to get started. Then click Edit Information to edit your information. You can add a photo of yourself, enter your First and Last name, and add a Gender. You have the option of giving Titles which is completely up to you. A title can be your full name, a military rank, a job title, or Dr., PhD., or anything you’d like to come up with.

    There are Contact fields as well as Biographic data to enter in the other tabs. Click ‘Save’ to save your information. Now you can move on to adding Parents, Partners, Siblings, and Children. It is the same system.

That’s it, that’s how to make a family tree. As easy as 1-2-3.

How To Make A Family Tree

When you’ve completed your family tree, you can share the link with family and friends. You

You now have the option of exporting your family tree as a GEDCOM.
Once your family tree is complete and saved, we can make nice print of your family tree with fancy backgrounds which can be hung on walls and shared with family and friends.

Here’s one I have of JFK and his family:

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