Family Tree Generator - the best free family tree maker available
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Family Tree Generator


Bring Your Family Tree to Life!

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Family Tree Generator

Family Tree Generator is the most powerful family tree maker available. Make a family tree that you can share, save, come back and edit, and even invite family members to manage. There is no limit to the number of family members you can add.

This free family tree maker is the best available and lets you import and export GEDCOM files, too!

Create a Tree (Free)

How To Make A Family Tree

How It Works
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Family Tree Generator Features

That we can offer you to get your name out there

Sign up and do it on your phone or tablet just as easily as on a desktop.

Add Managers

Enlist the help of your family members to build the family tree together.


Import GEDCOMs from other family trees. Exporting is also available.

family tree generator
Social Networks

Connect your friends and colleagues by creating a Social Network

Stylish Design

A sleek design that beats out other family tree makers with a beautiful interface.

Multiple View Styles

The traditional flow-chart style family tree as well as Straight, Bezier, and StateMachine

What these Family Tree Generators thiink:

Family Tree Generator

Create a family tree — for free! Why free? Because I believe family is the most important thing in the world and documenting our history is valuable.

Make It A Family Project

Enlist the help of your family to put together your family tree. Working together is fun and easy.

Share Your Family Tree

When you’re all done, or even when you’re just starting, you can share your family tree with anyone, anywhere.

Try It (FREE)

Family Tree Generator Blog

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